About Me

I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma to my AMAZING parents, Tom and Debbi.  I am the youngest of three children with the best two older brothers, Zach and Soren, who really taught me how to fight for what I want – literally and metaphorically.

I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years.  I retired from gymnastics and continued to use my tumbling skills as a cheerleader throughout high school.  I also competed in track and field, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and golf.

After high school, I decided to pack it up and move it out to sunny California to attend the University of California – Los Angeles (the best school in the world!).  I was a member of the UCLA Cheer Squad my freshman year.   During one basketball game, the UCLA pole vault coach, Anthony Curran, saw me doing back flips across the basketball court.  He asked if I wanted to pole vault.  I thought, why not?  So I started training with him in his clinics and he offered me a try out to walk on to the track team my sophomore year.  He ended up cutting me from the team that fall because he didn’t think I was where I needed to be.  After a couple months off, I decided I wanted to give it another go, so I trained with him on the side the rest of that year, tried out again as a junior and made the team!  I finished my college career with a personal best of 14’2” (4.32m), All-American honors, and a degree in Physiological Sciences.

After only three years pole vaulting at UCLA, I knew I could jump a lot higher, so I decided to continue vaulting.  I now train at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, CA with my coach, Greg Woepse.

In order to support myself, so I can continue to pursue my dreams, I started my own pet sitting business with my boyfriend of six years, Bo Taylor. We both love working with animals and love our job.

I am so thankful for everyone I have in my life who supports me!   I could not do this without any of you!